What are the different types of carpet fibers?

Carpeting is a spectacular flooring choice for many rooms in your home, but the fiber you choose can make a massive difference in the durability and lifespan of this floor covering. So which fibers are available? 

We’re glad you asked. Read along with today’s post to find out more about the types of carpet fibers that are available to you. 

Choosing a carpeting fiber is easier than you think

Choosing the perfect carpet fiber is as simple as matching your specific requirements to your available options. Here are some considerations as you browse for the ideal fibers for your floors. 

• Wool is the most popular all-natural flooring fiber, giving you extensive durability, stain resistance, fire resistance, and eco-friendly choices. However, because of its high demand and excellent character, you will also see a higher price tag while shopping. 

• Nylon is easily the most popular synthetic fiber, with outstanding durability and ease of maintenance; however, stain resistance is not a strong suit in this fiber. It can also be a pricey option; however, there are plenty of excellent materials at different price points. 

• Polyester features plush softness, rich color, and options that are created from recycled materials. Offering more stain resistance than nylon, you will find it to be one of the more affordable flooring options. 

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