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Cozy, comfortable, and cushiony: Carpet

Whether your lifestyle is fast-paced and frenetic or it is serene and undemanding, few floorings can meet you where you are like carpet. It can stand at attention, fitting-out a formal room with velvety luxury or it can be relaxed and playful, welcoming you to kick off your shoes and scrunch your toes within its tufts. Whatever your needs, we, at Carpet & Floors Market, have some carpet that will suit your home nicely.

Carpet style

Different styles each lend their personality to a room. If you seek something more formal, a Saxony rug will serve you nicely. Here, the tufts stand in tight, neat rows and are perfectly symmetrical, creating that velvety look that shows the lines of every pass of the vacuum cleaner. Patterned rugs also provide a very distinguished look to a living space, many of which combine a cut and loop pile, providing a very distinct appearance.

Yet, there are more casual styles as well. The common twist carpet is a standard in the carpet world and provides a comfortable, relaxed feel in a room. Berbers, too, are designed with comfortable living in mind. They have a loop pile like a commercial rug but taller loops to give it a relaxed and softer feel. Friezes are another product with a relaxed feel to them, yet the individual tufts are wound very tightly, creating a durable flooring with a very distinct look. Further, we should mention that shags are back.

Carpet padding

Having the right pad makes all of the difference in the world. Padding not only makes the carpet feel softer underfoot, but it also will maximize the lifespan of your new floor. Plus, it insulates against the damp chill of a southern Maryland winter.
Luxury carpet in Waldorf, MD from Carpet & Floors Market

Professional carpet installation in Waldorf, MD

We want to ensure that you have the best experience possible at Carpet & Floors Market. Our courteous, professional installers will ensure that your carpet installation goes without a hitch. They will arrive promptly when scheduled, will take up your old carpet if necessary, and then will install the new. They will ensure that you are satisfied before they head off from your home.

If you are looking for a carpet store in Waldorf, MD, look no further. We are locally owned and our goal is to provide you with every possible option for your floor. We also service the areas of Waldorf, MD, La Plata, MD, White Plains, MD, Hughesville, MD, Fort Washington, MD, Indian Head, MD, Charles County, MD, St. Mary's County, MD, Calvert County, MD, && Prince George's County, MD. Give us a call or stop by so one of our knowledgeable sales representatives can assist you as you look through the many possibilities that we can offer as well as carpet installation. We know you will be pleased with what you find.