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Tile flooring is stylish and functional

Install ceramic or porcelain tile flooring if your home is located in a warm climate and you've added a feature that promotes coolness. Conversely, tile is a great heat conductor. Therefore, it's wise to add a radiant heating system when installing a tile floor if you live in a cold climate. Keep in mind that versatile tile can be placed in any room, not just the kitchen and bathroom. You can find the flooring style that meets your needs at Carpet & Floors Market, a tile shop in Waldorf, MD. Our installers are experienced, and our designers are pros who can help you create home spaces that are attractive and functional.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tile is a homeowner's favorite. It's budget-friendly, stylish for both floors and walls, and easy to clean. What's more, this durable material resists stains and scratches, and it does not chip easily. Ceramic tiles are made of coarse clay that is hardened in a kiln. Since ceramic is porous, only glazed tiles are waterproof. Tile patterns tend to be simple, and colors are often neutral. Standard-sized square tiles are standard.

Porcelain tile

While ceramic tile is best for residential areas not subjected to high foot traffic, porcelain tile is tough enough for commercial applications. Porcelain is made of refined clay that is hardened in a kiln at a higher temperature than ceramic. It's naturally waterproof, and since it is denser and harder than ceramic, it's more challenging to cut. Porcelain tile comes in a wide variety of styles, including brands that mimic wood and stone flooring.

Natural stone tile

Most natural stone tile is porous, and therefore, it must be sealed when installed and then resealed periodically in future years. Marble, travertine, and limestone are a few of the popular stones. Each stone has different characteristics. The flooring specialists at Carpet & Floors Market can help you determine which one is best for your application. The coefficient of friction, which expresses the degree of slip resistance, is also essential.
Ceramic tile flooring in Calvert County, MD from Carpet & Floors Market

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Along with residential and commercial flooring installation, family-owned Carpet & Floors Market offers kitchen and bathroom remodeling. We bring high quality products and services to four Maryland counties: Waldorf, MD, La Plata, MD, White Plains, MD, and Hughesville, MD. These are a few of the communities in our service area: Fort Washington, MD, Indian Head, MD, Charles County, MD, St. Mary's County, MD, Calvert County, MD, and Prince George's County, MD. Start your tile flooring upgrade by viewing our online catalog and requesting a free in-home estimate. Or stop by our showroom in Waldorf to view the latest tile flooring styles.